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Sunday, May 11, 2014

That time when Audrey cut her own hair

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut2.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut3.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut4.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut5.jpg

I looked at her freshly chopped hair with big eyes and calmly gave her a hug and handed her back to her papa. Then I walked into my room, closed the door, and I cried big fat alligator tears. We were in the other room when it happened. Phil walked in the lounge to get the girls dressed when I heard, "Oh no! Audrey! What have you done? LOVE! IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED!!" My first thought was, "We don't have any markers? She couldn't have drawn on furniture."

We had just finished watching Tangled and finished the part where Rapunzel's hair is cut short and Audrey wanted to cut her own hair too. We've watched it a dozen times but I didn't think that she'd actually TRY it!

After my sadness subsided we parted her hair differently and trimmed it all over to um... blend it in. And actually it's not so bad! I mean... it could have been worse right? And it'll only take another three years for it to grow out again. *big deep breath*

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut7.jpg
I told her cutting her own hair was very naughty but that hair doesn't matter, she is still beautiful. And then I kissed her cute little nearly-3-year-old cheek and reminded her that I love her very much.

Phew. The adventures in motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day to me! ;)

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut6.jpg

Friday, May 9, 2014

Frozen Pre-K Pack: review

Awhile back I saw that Wendi recommended a downloadable Frozen Pre-K Pack for toddlers. I hadn't seen the movie yet, so I book marked it for future use. Yaknow, just in case. Well, we eventually saw the movie and, you guessed it, Audrey is in love. She's added her favorite Frozen songs to her growing list of Disney songs that she sings around the house all day. So when I introduced the idea of sitting at the table and doing a few pages of "Frozen work" a day, she was KEEN.

There's some great activities that range in complexity to keep Audrey on her toes. There's pre-writing practice, cutting practice, Which one is different?, finish the pattern, size sequencing, Frozen Movie strip puzzle, counting practice, memory cards, and a load of other things.

 photo frozenPack1.jpg
 photo frozenPack2.jpg
 photo frozenPack4.jpg
 photo frozenPack3.jpg
 photo frozenPack5.jpg
 photo frozenPack6.jpg
Audrey LOVES it.

I LOVE seeing her serious expression as she sits at the table and arranges her pencils just so while she's waiting for me to set up the next activity for her. She takes her "frozen Work" really seriously, you know.

I LOVE seeing her focus as she tries to suss out the activity and how her eyes light up when it *clicks* for her. She smiles and claps as we celebrate her success together.
It's really fun!

It's really opened up the door for us to work on things together. Today she asked me to show her how to write the alphabet so we worked on her letters together. Yesterday we played a memory game! And she's really really good at it. *ahem* (she whooped me) These activities are perfect for keeping a toddler occupied on a rainy day. WIN!

So yeah. Fun stuff. Give it a go. IT'S FRREEEEEEEE! http://www.overthebigmoon.com/frozen-pre-k-pack/

Monday, May 5, 2014

sixteen, seventeen, eighteen

”A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014."

16/52 - Audrey 2014 photo 52A_16.jpg
 photo 52M_16.jpg

17/52 - Audrey 2014 photo 52A_17.jpg
 photo 52M_17.jpg

18/52 - Audrey 2014 photo 52A_18a.jpg
 photo 52A_18b.jpg
18/52 - Margaret 2014 photo 52M_18.jpg

My girls. I'm so proud to call you my own.

I love you.

Love, Mama

Previous portraits here:

Photos taken by my brother in law, Peter. Thanks, Pete!

Monday, April 14, 2014


13/52 Audrey 2014 photo 52A_13.jpg
13/52 Margaret 2014 photo 52M_13.jpg
Audrey: We bundled up went and saw the hot air balloons early one morning. I loved watching your face as you saw them up close.
Margaret: Playtime for Margaret.

14/52 Audrey 2014 photo 52A_14.jpg
14/52 Margaret 2014 photo 52M_14.jpg
Audrey: Your favorite hairstyle: Princess braids. You ask for them daily and tell me every time how they are getting longer now.
Margaret: You are an eating machine! You helped yourself from a bag of apples.

15/52 Audrey 2014 photo 52A_15.jpg
15/52 Margaret 2014 photo 52M_15.jpg
Audrey: Yesterday we discovered that the feijoas had finally ripened and we brought in a basket. You haven't stopped eating them since.
Margaret: My sweet, beautiful girl. I love this age. I love you.

”A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Previous portraits here:

All photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions from the mini-collection. I'm not new to photoshop actions but I highly recommend these! They're really easy to use and I love the results. :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Monkey See

Monkey See photo monkey-see.jpg
Monkey See photo monkey-see1.jpg
Monkey DO photo monkey-see2.jpg
I was on the computer when I heard a strange noise. Margaret had found Audrey's drinking bottle and was sussing it out for herself*. She had figured it out at last! I wanted to snap a photo and document the moment, obviously, and snapped a few photos as I usually do. I looked over to find that Audrey was doing the same thing, mimicking what she had seen a hundred times before. She said, "I need to get a good photo, Mama."


So I had to document that too. ;)

I sure love my funny babis!

*this was awhile ago. I'm slow with the documenting these days.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Emma's Food Bag: Calamari with Spiced Chickpeas

We cooked our first meal from the food bag and tonight's dinner was a hit! We had calamari with spiced chickpeas in lettuce boats with a fresh salsa. It was a totally new experience cooking with squid and I LOVED it. The whole dish was really fun and different than our norm.

Emma's Food Bag: Calamari photo dinner2.jpg
Emma's Food Bag: Calamari photo dinner3.jpg
Emma's Food Bag: Calamari photo dinner4.jpg
Emma's Food Bag: Calamari photo dinner1.jpg
I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough food for both Phil and I plus our two girls but I cooked it up anyway with the intention of filling up on toast if there wasn't enough, but there was! There certainly weren't any leftovers. I couldn't finish my plate so Phil lent a hand with helping me finish my portion ;) I was nervous that neither of the girls would be into this new dish but they both ate with gusto, though Audrey took a bit long with the chickpeas. It's not that she didn't like it, she just takes F O R E V E R to eat. Margaret had trouble chewing the calamari but after I gave her a hand with that she gobbled it up.

The calamari was DELISH and the spiced chickpeas have become a new fave of mine. They were SO easy to make, that's what I really loved about them.


Thoughts: I was surprised at how rich the calamari was! I was expecting it to feel light and I would feel ravenous later but it was VERY filling. I loved that the salsa added a big element of freshness to the overall dish keeping it from being too rich. YUM!

Liked: The whole thing! He had no complaints other than he wished there was more because he loved it.

Loved: The calamari. I was quite pleased with that!

Loved: The chickpeas were definitely Margaret's favorite.

What's the most adventurous thing you've eaten or cooked lately? Are your family adventurous eaters? x